#Invert, Critical Reflections on Geraldine Snell’s overlove.

Written as a series of unsent love-letters to a lanky drummer boy named Curt, Geraldine Snell’s overlove is, as the cover blurb suggests, “a non-fiction novella concerned with love, boundaries, leaky jars and the female gaze.” It is also a portrait of a young artistic intellectual in the throws of limerence, the state of being … Continue reading #Invert, Critical Reflections on Geraldine Snell’s overlove.

Review – The New Make-Believe

When I picked up Judson Hamilton’s The New Make-Believe, I was anticipating a poetry of action. For me, the title conjured some potential blend of childhood idealism and a philosophy of escape, perhaps something like collective hallucination harnessed for political gains, a dream engine capable of producing, well, The New. I came looking for change, … Continue reading Review – The New Make-Believe