What I Learned: Michelle Tea

It hit me in that moment. I felt broke. I was broke. That was already a big sign my plan was caving in, even if I didn’t know it yet. Standing there emoting brokeness. I gravitated toward the window where at least the light from the city was still vibrating at a frequency I could enjoy, and there in the corner tucked out of the way was maybe the only thing that could have appealed to me in that moment: the local shelf. And on it, glowing like possibility, was a signed copy of semi-local Michelle Tea’s Valencia...

#Invert, Critical Reflections on Geraldine Snell’s overlove.

Written as a series of unsent love-letters to a lanky drummer boy named Curt, Geraldine Snell’s overlove is, as the cover blurb suggests, “a non-fiction novella concerned with love, boundaries, leaky jars and the female gaze.” It is also a portrait of a young artistic intellectual in the throws of limerence, the state of being … Continue reading #Invert, Critical Reflections on Geraldine Snell’s overlove.


There is a tunnel through the air / It leads quite wondrously here and there / I've waited, watching what comes out / My eyes filled with everywhere / So now I turn and find what's near / To toss back through the information spout